The strange true story of The Galapagos Affair. On a tiny tropical island, a self-described “Baroness” mysteriously vanished after running afoul of a small group of settlers.  Was it murder?






Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Chris Zabriskie, That Kid in Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos

Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Three

Nonima, Shadow

Nonima, Chakici Inverse

Dexter Britain, Telling Stories’s hard to let your loved ones go after they die. Some people find it so difficult, in fact, that they bring their remains home with them. Hear about the true bizarre story of Carol Tanzler, a man who was never able to let his true love go, even long after she was dead and buried.



Undying Love: Carl Tanzler’s Mummified Dream Girl

Ghost Marriages: Why Are People Digging Up Corpses And Marrying Them In China?

A Man Dug Up The Corpses Of 29 Girls, Turned Them Into Dolls, And Lived With Them In His Bedroom



Dexter Britain – The Tea Party

Bensound – Relaxing, November, Ofelia’s Dream, Better Days



The Isdal Woman of Norway and the Somerton Man of Australia are two of the most famous unsolved crimes in history. Who were these mysterious people? No one knows. Here are their stories.


The Strange Case of the Isdal Woman

Norway’s Greatest Mystery: The Isdal Woman

Sorry, The Unknown Man is (very probably) not H. C. Reynolds…



Blear Moon, Cold Summer Landscape

Blear Moon, Gean

Chris Zabriskie, Undercover Vampire Policeman

Chris Zabriskie, Vices Inherited, Vices Passed On

Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

In 1961, an 11-year-old girl named Terry Jo Dupperault narrowly escaped death at the hands of a clever killer who murdered her entire family. Then she was forced to survive on her own clinging to a tiny raft in the middle of the ocean for days.



Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean, by Richard Logan and Tere Duperrault Fassbender


Orphaned on the Ocean: The Unbelievable Story of Terry Jo Duperrault



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Chris Zabriskie, John Stockton Slow Drag

Michael Bruckner, Fluchtig

Michael Bruckner, Island

Kai Engel, March

Kai Engel, January


On the night of March 19, 1919, all the dance halls and bars and nearly every home in the city of New Orleans was blasting jazz all through the night. But this wasn’t any ordinary night of reverie in the Big Easy, for this city-wide concert was meant for an audience of one, an axe-wielding maniac who purported to be a creature straight out of hell.

Show Notes:

The Axeman of New Orleans Murders

When Hell Came to Earth: The Axeman of New Orleans

The Axeman serial killer of New Orleans (1918-1919)

CREEPYPASTA: Does This 1919 Photograph Reveal an Infamous New Orleans Serial Killer?



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Four

Kai Engel, Morbid Imagination

King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, Just Gone

Mark Neil, 11 strANGE Ls

Podington Bear, Dark Matter

Scott Holmes, Something In The Distance

Scott Holmes, Abandoned City

Spin Day, Who

Stephan Siebert, Cecil