For three years during the mid 18th Century, the Gevaudan region of southern France was terrorized by a real life monster. To this day, no one knows precisely what the creature was, or where it came from, but in the end The Beast of Gevaudan has been accused of killing as many as 113 people. This is the true story.



Monsters of the Gévaudan: The Making of a Beast – Jay M. Smith – Google Books

The Beast of Gevaudan Terrorizes France

The Beast of Gévaudan: A Real-Life Werewolf?



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Seven

Crimson Curtain, Vanishing

David Cooper Orton, Soundtrack 2. Act 4

Edmund Sullen, A Cry Within

Mike Fazio, Soundtrack 1. Act 2

Nevermore Eleanor, Invitation


For centuries there have been stories of people who were buried alive. These are the macabre true stories of people who were declared dead and buried, even though they really weren’t.



Supposed Corpses: Almost Buried Alive

Angelo Hays: The Man Who Was Buried Alive

I’m Not Dead Yet



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Kai Engel, December, January and River

Phillip Weigl, The Scent of Cedars

Sergei Chereminisov, Pulsar

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Scott Holmes, Secret Garden

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In 1961, millionaire Michael Rockefeller disappeared in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Did he drown as the official stories claim? Or did he suffer a much more grisly fate at the hands of native cannibal headhunters? This is the true story.



Lost Lands, Cannibals, and the Mysterious Disappearance of Michael Rockefeller



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Kai Engel, Past the Lanterns, Rejecting the Sirens and Without Redemption

Scott Holmes, Abandoned City

James Joshua Otto, Midnight Drive

Jon Luc Hefferman, Treacherous Voyage



They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. History has many tales of people who took the act of revenge to a whole new level. In this episode hear the stories of The 47 Ronin of Japan, and of Olga of Kiev, the Russian princess turned Catholic Saint whose bloodthirsty act of vengeance wiped out an entire city.


Olga of Kiev: One saint you do not want to mess with




Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

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In the mid-1870s two of the most prominent paleontologists in the world, Edward Drinker Cope and O.C. Marsh, waged an epic and often ridiculous war against one another. This is the bizarre true story of The Bone Wars.



Bone Wars! Othniel Marsh vs. Edward Drinker Cope



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

All other music by Julie Maxwell’s Piano Music

The Place I Called Home

Forever In Your Arms



Dark Wonder

Time Traveler