The first lonely hearts ads were published in 1695, just five years after the first newspapers were created. Almost from the very beginning, there have been criminals who have used these ads to prey on vulnerable people. Listen to three stories of different serial killers who found their victims through the lonely hearts ads.



Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck: The Lonely Hearts Killers

Belle Gunness: The Black Widow of the Midwest Who Lured Numerous Victims to Their Deaths



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Rocco Granata, Lost Memories

Phillip Weigl, Not the Streets You Used to Walk

Kai Engel, Silence

Lee Rosevere, At the Edges of Sleep

Chris Zabriskie, Stories About the World That Was, Virtues Inherited, Vices Passed On

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3 comments on “Ep. 38 – The Lonely Hearts

  1. Have you actually read Pride and Prejudice? Your description of the book was terrible.

    • NateHale Jun 7, 2018

      I’m sorry about that. No, I’ve never read the book. I summarized a description I read elsewhere. I’ll try to do better in the future.

      • Wow, my question to you was SO RUDE! I must have been having a bad day. I am so sorry that I was that rude. I know it was 2 years ago but I actually forgot I commented until today.
        I frequently re-listen to past episodes while I work. I love this podcast and I like all the little things you make up at the beginning of each episode (where your broadcasting from, etc.)
        Anyway, just wanted to apologize cuz I was a jerk in my previous comment and that was uncalled for. Hope you can forgive me!

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