In 1916, a series of deadly shark attacks occurred along the Jersey shore. This is the true story that some people say inspired Jaws.






Phillip Weigl, Not the Streets You Used to Walk Along

Chris Zabriskie, The Oceans Continue

Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

Kai Engel, Oeucumene Sleeps, Summer Days, Rejecting the Sirens, Difference, Pacific Garbage Patch, Homelands Ashes

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2 comments on “Ep. 54 – The Red Canoe

  1. Joshua Goodwin Aug 2, 2017

    The listen listen doesn’t seem to work. A “file not found” error appears when the link is clicked.

    • NateHale Aug 12, 2017

      Hi there. Sorry about that. I recently switched hosting companies and I’m working on the problem now. I think I got this one up and running now.

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