Hollywood long ago realized that a lonely and isolated cabin in the woods is an ideal place to set a horror movie. But in real life, cabins in the woods have been the locations of some very real murders. Here are two such stories, including the tale of a group of fur trappers who met their bitter end one winter, and the tale of a single mother of five, who left a terrible situation, only to end up in a nightmare beyond imagination.



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party
Kai Engel,Difference, Global Warming, Mercy, Meekness, Evermore, Floret, Sopor, July, Celestial Plains

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2 comments on “Ep. 66 – The Cabin in the Woods

  1. Where is the link for this episode? Not sure if I’m the only one that can’t see it but I haven’t been able to see it for two days.
    Any ideas?

    • NateHale Jun 20, 2018

      Sorry about that. Try it now. I think I fixed the problem.

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