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The national parks system is sometimes called the greatest idea in the history of America. But there’s a dark side to the parks as well. For hundreds of years, people have mysteriously disappeared in the national parks, something that former police officer David Paulides has catalogued in his Missing 411 books. In this episode we discuss some of the creepiest stories, and the legends and history behind those stories.
Dexter Britain, The Tea Party
Kai Engel, Morbid Imagination, Mist and Clouds, Snowfall Intro, Another Sunrise
Myuu, Beth’s Theme
Coldnoise, Remember Piano
Chris Zabriskie, Story of the World that Once Was, I Need to Start Writing Things Down

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One comment on “Ep. 70 – The Lost and Found

  1. Hi! My name is Maria Amelia and I am from Brazil.

    I love your show. Some episodes are lighter, so I can listen to them at night but MOST of them …. too scary to do that! So I often listen to them during the day, while I am on my way to work. Some of them I´ve listened to twice already. I really liked episode 70 and it would be very cool if you did more episodes like that. I am a bit behind on the episodes so I only got to listen to it this morning. I would like to donate but it´s difficult for me, because I am in Brazil. Keep up the good work, it is a lot of fun and very well done. Congrats!

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