New episode! In 1873, three women became trapped on a tiny island off the coast of Maine with a vicious axe murderer in a true story that seems like something straight out of a horror movie.
Dexter Britain, The Tea Party
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During the early 20th century, America was caught up in a growing spiritualist movement that swept the nation. One hotspot for seances and new religious movements during the 1920s was Detroit. There, a self-styled “Divine Prophet” named Benny Evangelista met a brutal end. He and his entire family were murdered by an unknown assailant wielding an axe.  Here the true story of this bizarre unsolved murder, as well as the story of a man so determined to prove there was an afterlife, that he set in motion a plan to go there in person.



A Ghost Story From Detroit’s Past You’ve Probably Never Heard

St. Aubin Street Massacre: The Benny Evangelist Family Murders



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

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Back in 1912, on a warm June night in the little Iowa town of Villisca, an unknown madman murdered eight people with an axe. Learn the horrifying true story of the Moore family murders, and about the terrible events that put this town on the map.






On the night of March 19, 1919, all the dance halls and bars and nearly every home in the city of New Orleans was blasting jazz all through the night. But this wasn’t any ordinary night of reverie in the Big Easy, for this city-wide concert was meant for an audience of one, an axe-wielding maniac who purported to be a creature straight out of hell.

Show Notes:

The Axeman of New Orleans Murders

When Hell Came to Earth: The Axeman of New Orleans

The Axeman serial killer of New Orleans (1918-1919)

CREEPYPASTA: Does This 1919 Photograph Reveal an Infamous New Orleans Serial Killer?



Dexter Britain, The Tea Party

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