Ghosts and the law don’t seem like two things that go together. But throughout history there have been several instances where the two intersect. In this episode we tell you about several ghosts that solved their own murders, about the only legally haunted house in the United States and the time when testimony from a ghost was used in court.



Man shot by police on way home because they thought he was a ghost

Man charged with murder after court heard evidence from ‘ghost’



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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, spiritualism was all the rage across America. People across the country regularly visited so-called psychic mediums to communicate with ghosts. But in 1874, an ardent skeptic of the paranormal heard about a pair of brothers from Vermont, who claimed to be able to conjure the spirits of the dead on their rural farm. What happened next would change that skeptic’s life forever.






Dexter Britain, The Tea Party


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